Different host for different domain

I setup a single ip for every domain i have, and the outgoing ip it is the dedicated one, so work ok, but when i check display this:

/////Your IP address is associated with the domain first.smtp-sender.com.
Nevertheless your message appears to be sent from ns1.smtp-sender.com. //////

It is possible to setup this in order to look like sended via first.smtp-sender.com and not ns1.smtp-sender.com?


Hmm, I’m not entirely sure I understand what you’re asking –

Are you asking how to make each domain send out email via their own IP address?

If that’s what you are asking, there is information on how to do that here:


I already implemented this solution, and solved partially my problem, but the system say “Hello” from the ns1.smtp-sender.com and should say hello from first.smtp-sender.com (from this subdomain it is assigned a dedicated ip , work ok )

What i need to do is associated with rDNS. So foer every ip to assign a different rDNS.
Any idea?

it’s a setting in your smtp (postfix) server. Go check your settings in Postfix => Address Rewriting and Masquerading

What to change on it?
Rewrite “user%domain” to “user@domain” Yes No
Rewrite “user” to “user@$mydomain” Yes No
Rewrite “user@host” to “user@host.$mydomain” Yes No
Rewrite “site!user” to “user@site” Yes No
Send mail with empty recipient to… Default
Address masquerading None
Masquerading exceptions None