Difference between Maximum PHP script run time / max_execution_time / FcgidBusyTimeout

I really don’t get the difference between max_execution_time (PHP limit ressource), Maximum PHP script run time (Server configuration) and FcgidBusyTimeout (Apache.conf)

As I read : The busy timeout equals the length of time FCGI will wait on PHP execution. This directly relates to the PHP max_execution_time settings. If FcgidBusyTimeout is lower than your max_execution_time , longer running scripts will be prematurely terminated after the allocated time.

But then, why is there something called “Maximum PHP script run time” in virtualmin ?

Thank you


Maximum PHP script run time

Virtualmin doesn’t really set FcgidBusyTimeout directive. However, FcgidIOTimeout directive in Apache config and max_execution_time directive in PHP kept in sync, based on the option from the screenshot above.

FcgidBusyTimeout Directive
a FastCGI application will be killed after handling a request for FcgidBusyTimeout. This is the maximum time limit for request handling. If a FastCGI request does not complete within FcgidBusyTimeout seconds, it will be subject to termination. Because the check is performed at the interval defined by FcgidBusyScanInterval , request handling may be allowed to proceed for a longer period of time.

The purpose of this directive is to terminate hung applications. The default timeout may need to be increased for applications that can take longer to process the request.