Did I break Virtualmin by upgrading mysql ?

Hello, I’m new here but a long-time virtualmin user on Debian.

Yesterday I successfully migrated by server from Debian 7 to debian 8, no issue.

Today I tried to update from the distribution mysql to 5.6, the reason being that I want to install Vanilla forum on one of my website and they required 5.6 or higher.

Anyway the upgrade didn’t go perfectly well but in the end I have mysql 5.6 running, and virtualmin seeing them.

However my websites that use mysql do not work, they show a blank page and/or a 500 error. I’m on my way to reinstall virtualmin because I think I’ve tried everything I found on the web, however the solution might be (maybe?) simpler than I think.

Do you have an idea of what could be wrong?


PS. my websites are down so a quick fix would be welcome :wink: (nothing major, game community sites etc but still I’d like to see them up asap)

Ok found the issue (I believe). Package php5-mysql was missing… obviously it would not work this way…