Dhcp & gateway setup

Trying to setup my Virtualmin Centos 7 server to be both a DHCP server and GATEWAY for my private network computer users…
So far, I got the DHCP working just fine, but not the gateway part. I followed all instructions and on a standalone centos 7 server with no Virtualmin installed on it, I got that server to work as a DHCP AND GATEWAY server… but can not use that server because it is on the wrong external IP Network.
Can anyone help me please?
TheNet4You Techsupport

Virtualmin has no impact on routing. Nothing is different about your two systems that would require different actions to enable routing. If the instructions you followed used some firewall other than the CentOS 7 default of firewalld, then that would be the likely difference.

I assume you either skipped enabling routing in the kernel (/proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward should contain 1) or masquerading in the firewall. There are many examples of enabling masquerading in firewalld, so google it for in depth. In short (example only, your zones are maybe differently named and you may have it setup differently):

# firewall-cmd --zone=public --add-masquerade --permanent
# firewall-cmd --reload

yes, the ip_forward file contained only the number 1 in it…
but just found out that firewalld was not running.
I started it… tested it… and now I am enabling it… because it now works great.
Thanks Joe !!!

Hey Joe,
Since you are the only one that is responding here, can I ask you for your help one more time?

I purchased a SSL certificate and installed it on my server when previous ISPCONFIG 3 was installed… it was working great… but I lost that hard drive because of a major twister storm that put a hugh 200 year old tree across my little home… anyways…

I have installed and got working now Virtualmin/Webmin on my server…
I have been trying for 3 days now to get the SSL to work, but I am at a lost.
Can you help me get the server secured so I can get my website secured?

Can you come into my server and look around? It is NON-PRIVATE for us engineer/programmers …

I will be setting up a second server soon too, with Virtualmin installed on it…

It is installed on it now, but with ispconfig 3 installed on it too, that server just needs to be zapped and start over with plane os, then install Virtualmin on it…

How do we fix the SSL stuff ???

I got the SSL installed on my domain/website
works great…

but I can not find where to fix the SSL files for the Virtualmin Admin panel

You can, but not in this thread. Start new topics for new problems.

okay, I will do that. thanks Joe!!!

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