Devuan 1.0 released

finally a non-systemd debian. Can we get some votes for official virtualmin support?


Glad to heard that, I vote :slight_smile:

I guess should be easy to port Webmin/Virtualmin to Devuan, since it is compatible whit other Debian distros.


I was hoping we could stop supporting initscripts entirely in Virtualmin in a couple of years! I love systemd…it makes so many things better. Can I maybe convince y’all to read up on systemd and fall in love with it?

I can’t commit to it yet. Getting Virtualmin 6, with its new install process, out the door, is my only focus for the next couple of weeks (it’ll go live for beta testers in 24-48 hours, and will go into the primary repos a day or two after that, and we’ll expect a lot of bug reports and feature requests for the following couple of weeks). But, if it really is a serious thing for the developers of Devuan, and it gets popular, I’ll reconsider, though I don’t know where I’d find the time.

The Virtualmin 6 installer is a total rebuild of the process; it is now completely package-based and plugin-based. So, adding new OS support is much less error-prone and distributable (i.e. adding a new distro can be split among developers, and changes can be made to tiny plugins in the configuration tool, without risk of breaking other parts of it). And, the skills one needs are transferable from managing packages; if you’ve ever made metapackages and deb packages or maintained RPMs and yum groups files, it’s relatively straightforward to work on the Virtualmin installer.

Realistically, six distro/version combos are already more than I can reasonably handle by myself, but I muddle through, and I’ve been improving automation for the VM6 release. I really think I’d need a volunteer helping out in order to add more. So…to accelerate Devuan support, start following development of these projects:

Postinstall config tool (this is distro independent, but needs to understand the distro it’s running on, and to be tested thoroughly…every new distro needs a little tweaking…usually a day or two of work):

Metapackage to pull in dependencies (this is the debian version, which would likely need to be forked into a new package, with minor tweaks):

Metapackage to pull in all of the Virtualmin deps (this one should work on any deb-based distro without changes):

Install script, which sets up repos and installs virtualmin-lamp-stack and virtualmin-core metapackages and then runs Virtualmin-Config:

We also need Webmin to be aware of it. It’s probably just gonna need copies of all of the Debian 7 stuff, with some minor tweaks, or testing while pretending it’s Debian 7 and adding detection to the os_list.txt for Webmin…easy, but tedious and time-consuming to test. I just talked to Jamie, and there’s an open ticket about it, but I don’t think anyone has done any work on it. (I’ve just learned, to my horror, that Jamie prefers iniscripts, too…at least for now. So, he may add Devuan support to Webmin himself to scratch his own itch.)

Hello Joe,

These are some references:

1.- Red Hat / Gnome Developers Censoring GTK+ Bugtracker

2.- “I think with kdbus and systemd installed, you will have a completely bugged system, from the inside out, kill switch included.”

3.- Julian Assange: Debian Is Owned By …


Does that mean you’re volunteering to help with Devuan support? :wink:

Hello Joe,

This is a suggestion based on the words of some programmers that I respect, I am not a programmer. I spent some time reading which is the best OS and how to administer it by a person not an expert in Linux, and doing some testings, so my young son, that likes Photoshop can have its own way to have some work in web design and to easily control his web hosting VPS, because where we live, young people does not have an opportunity.

I am dedicating to study Permaculture, I use Linux as my desktop OS to gather all the necessary information to develop myself in Permaculture and Aquaponics as well as to find the Natural Diet of Human beings, nobody can eat digital money or digital products or anything that it is not real natural food. Some day my son will realize the same; I disregarded of my grandfather’s words in 1980 when he advised to me “the one who has land will eat” and now I regret it.

Best regards Joe.

With the litany of security problems with systemd and the fact that it becomes a Linux version of svchost…i doubt you will get folks to love it…:slight_smile:

I saw that Devuan 2.0 had been released and got excited that Virtualmin might support it… until I read this post. I guess systemd is easier for developers to work with.

I have to upgrade my Debian 7 servers soon… I hope systemd isn’t a mistake.

Fortunately Virtualmin is so good that I can deal with a systemd server like Centos 7 with no hassle.

From a developer’s point of view, I am not one, but I can give you the links where the famous developer of SpaceFM gives his opinion about systemd:

Please read the above articles.

By the way, in my opinion, SpaceFM is wonderful in my non systemd desktop.


There’s a reason SystemD is referred to as the Linux svchost. It works much the same as the windows svchost.

Has anyone started on this? there’s no systemd on non linux systems (thank $god) so would it be that hard to adapt debian to devuan?

I’ve been using Debian 9.9 (with systemd) for over a year now.

When I started, clean install, imported 150 domains from the old box, and let it run for 40 days untouched. The server became unusable, services died, Apache2 stopped working… had to set it to “reboot every morning at 6am”.

As long as cron does a daily reboot, no problems.

Debian is a linux variant. Devuan is simply a linux variant that refused to use systemd.

Hello, I have been using Centos 7 with Systemd and Virtualmin in a Virtual Private Server, it has been running with no problems, for a couple of years, let me touch wood :slight_smile: but I have very little domains/websites, you have a lot, I will recommend to comment your issue to your Server provider, to discard a hardware/virtual machine problem.