Delivery destinations for spam mails

Hallo together!

I want all spam mails from all users in my domain to be delivered to a seperate mailbox called in the folder spam.
So i go to Virtualmin - Server Configuration - spam and virus delivery
Destination for spam mails i set to:
Write to other file: /home/wachauer/homes/spam/Maildir/.INBOX.Spam/new
That doesn`t works.

Log from the procmail.loc:

procmail: Error while writing to "/home/wachauer/homes/spam/Maildir/.INBOX.Spam/new"

If someone have any idea, plwease help me!


Harald<br><br>Post edited by: harald, at: 2009/01/27 04:04

Yeah, whenever procmail is delivering email, it switches permissions to the recipient of the email.

And if your case, the recipient doesn’t have permissions to write to the spam user’s directory.

Another way to handle that would be to use the "Forward to another address" option, and just forward those to the spam user.