Deleting virtual servers


When we delete a virtual server the apache vhost config file remains on the system and when apache is restarting it complains about this. The separate vhost config files are successfully created in a directory but never removed when deleting the virtual server?

Are you running the latest version of Virtualmin? (3.48)

If so, file a bug. If not, upgrade, and if the behavior persists, file a bug.


I have the same problems with having seperate files for my virtual hosts.

The file gets created correctly as "" in my "/etc/httpd/virtualhosts/" host folder, but when I delete the domain with virtualmin, The file stays in the folder. I also get an error in the deleting process with virtualmin, stating "no virtual host found in apache".

Also, is there a way for those new virtual hosts to show up in the apache module main page when I use seperate files for virtual hosts?

What I mean is, when I use the httpd.conf file to write my virtualhosts in, I have a quick access to them in the apache main page. I basically have a nice lists of all the hosts. When I write them to a seperate file, the apache module doesn’t display them?

Any help appreciated!

running Virtualmin 3.49 on fedora