Delete fetched mails from server

I want to delete mails in the server that got fetched with IMAP clients.
How can I do that?
Should I keep them some time then delete? or just delete immediately?

OS type and version Debian Linux 10
Webmin version 1.991
Virtualmin version 7.0-4
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IMAP “delete” removes emails from the server. What you see is what you have (your seeing whats on the server). If you want to delete from server and keep on PC then move to POP3. Deleting is up to you, everyone is different. I don’t use IMAP so not 100% but you may have a delete folder in case you delete something you want to keep.

Usermin has a Delete All button which gets rid of all mail in a folder with one click.

In Virtualmin → Edit users, hit the Login to Usermin button to view the mailbox oh any user on the system, even if you do not know the password.

Then use the delete all button to empty a folder. The result is instantaneous. The empty folder will also reflect accordingly in your IMAP client - Outlook, etc.

This would be a great way to annoy the heck out of clients.


then also those mails are “deleted” in their IMAP clients as outlook and thunderbird you know that?

Normally keep your hands from mails from clients!

Only if they self ask for it, you have quota to prevent space.

I may have explained it wrongfully…
I will give Nextcloud system to clients and so clients will always use Nextcloud for mails, files etc… but this Nextcloud will be in other server. Basically mails are not something you should keep in main server’s SSDs imho

OK but if IMAP client then the real location is or should stay at main mailserver otherwise it is not e real (bare) imap client?

We use a local main mailserver inhouse.
( and from that mailserver we have airgapped other local location backups, archives)

I think there misunderstanding. ;)’

If some archive client or APP then i understand, also yes everyone need mail archives somewhere to stay for mails and find them quick, also a “airgapped” backup restore solution for those archive’s

There are legitimate reasons for an admin to access mailboxes on a system and delete messages in folders. That’s why these features are built into Virtualmin.

Obviously, no one would do such things to annoy clients.

what do you guys think for mounting nextcloud as maildir;

what type of problem can happen?

Start a new topic about this pls

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Use POP instead of IMAP.

Have a look at Virtualmin / Email Settings ⇾ Mailbox Cleanup page where you can configure Virtualmin automatically delete old email messages from the mailboxes of domain owners and mail users.

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