Defualt IP to be Blank Page?

I am wondering how i would go about making the host default IP go to a blank page. I know i can make the default IP go to a specific server, but i dont want it to go to any server…i want it to be blank

you have to have default virtual server, but to make it blank:

  • go to your default virtual server
  • remove any skeleton files in the public_html
  • create an index.html file with the following contents
<!DOCTYPE html><title></title>
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thank you! ha im dumb i forgot about the default server lol

that is not the internet’s normal default for an IP that goes “nowhere”.

an IP that is valid (ie an A record exists) will always go somewhere.

what you are actually asking is for your webserver to serve a blank page to everyone.

That is OK - but you are telling the world that your IP (and default virtual server) exists

So one thing i just noticed…Virtualmin install no longer prompts to set up a default server anymore

Select your domain that you want to be default (i.e. the one with the blank html)

Virtualmin --> Web Configurtation --> Website Options --> Default website for IP address: Yes

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