Default website for IP address reason for certificate errors on older android smartphones


Server uses one single IP

Virtual server : is set as Default website for IP address in the website options and has its own SSL certificate
Virtual server : is using its own SSL certificate.

When checking via

its shows fine.

When checking via it shows Valid Host Names Not matched

The same problem happens for example with an android smartphone 2.3, it shows certificate errors while opening and shows the certificate of

This does not happen on the latest browsers nor on the latest android smartphone with 4.x versions

So this happens with all running virtual servers on this server. This seems to be a bug since should not give a browser client any reason to load the certificate from the wrong virtual server, since both have their very own SSL certificate

Any workaround ?

Okay I found out so far it is because the client does not support SNI (Server Name Identification), that explains why the error.log of the apache shows

Name-based SSL virtual hosts only work for clients with TLS server name identification support (RFC 4366)

by that it seems there will be no workaround for the problem except to show a notice that the client browser is outdated in a way.

If someone got an workaround, it would be great.

Thank you.