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I am hosting about 20 sites with VMPro and recently was asked to remove a site. No problem to delete it but now the URL, which still points to this box, resolves to the first domain in the virtual server file. How can I change this behaviour so that a specified existing local site is referenced instead. I know I can put in a dummy site and a redirect, just wondering if there is a simpler method.



You’re right, there is a simple way to do that! :slight_smile:

You can set the default site by going into Server Configuration -> Website Options, and set “Default website for IP address?” to “Yes”.


Yes! Worked like a hot damn and very simple.

Many thanks.


When I browse to one of my Virtualmin virtual server domain names the wrong website content displays. The content from my default virtual server site displays instead of the correct virtual server.

I checked my network setting and changed default IP address back and forth between detect external address and same as virtual address but that doesn’t seem to make a difference neither does changing the default web site.

Any ideas?

Many thanks

@crocman: What is the domain name in question? Does that domain appear in Webmin under Servers -> Apache Webserver -> Existing virtual hosts and does it have the correct settings there?

The domain does appear in Webmin under Servers -> Apache Webserver -> Existing virtual hosts and it seems to have the correct settings there.

Currently I am trying to forward a second domain name from godaddy to my virtual server that is on a dynamic no-ip dns service. The forwarding is working but only the headers are showing up while the default virtual server contents display.

Thanks for the reply.

Okay, I need more info on this. What is the domain name in question (the one that does not show up correctly)? What is the domain name that shows up instead? You might paste here the list of virtual servers in the Apache module, if it’s not too many.

Problem solved!

One cannot forward a parked domain name to their virtual server and expect it to resolve.

See for yourself

Anyway, Virtualmin rules! I love it!