Default Server Page Ideas

I am trying to expand my horizons in provided IT services to my area and hosting sites is something i would like to do.

For the default server site though, what is a good idea for that page? A blank page? a link to my business site(which is on a different virtualmin server)?

I would just forward the default url to your business site. That way, anything that hits the default server page winds up at your business site.

Another spam post? Really? It’s been done back in 2011… use Google for a bit of your spamming time.

Thanks…did that

Idea… How does CPanel or DirectAdmin oe ISPconfig or Plesk or ProxMox do their default pages for new domains that don’t have a website there yet. Same, what do they display for disabled domains due to non payment, moved and still pointing to this host, etc. All these edge cases for web hosting.

If your clients are not tech savvy, they might get confused (or even angry, ask me how I know :slight_smile: ) if they see a link to your home page on the IP address of their domain.

I have found it best to have my default server point to its login page, like this:

I use a plain white page, with one of several pictures of me, the time and date, the state the server is located in, and the visitor’s IP address.

Here’s one of the pictures.


In my experience, very few people intentionally access a server’s hostname’s index page, so it really doesn’t matter much. Do whatever you like.


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