default server not accessible after creating new virtual host

Hi there,

I’ve just set up virtualmin and I’m having problems when I create a new virtual host.

Server is located here:

With no virtuyal host added the web root is here: /var/www/html and this works fine.

but I create a new virtual host the default web root becomes /var/home/virtualhost

This means that I can’t access the webroot of /var/www/html where I have phpmyadmin installed.

Please advise.



Yeah, the way Virtualmin works – it doesn’t use sites under /var, all websites are part of accounts in /home.

My recommendation to solve the issue you’re seeing would be to remove your current phpMyAdmin installation, create a new Virtual Server for phpMyAdmin – and then to use Virtualmin’s phpMyAdmin Install Script to install that application into a Virtual Server.

That will have phpMyAdmin running out of /home – and then all the pieces will play nicely together :slight_smile:


On my server I set up the first virtual server as (theoretically) an unreachable domain, like “invalid.tld” and then add the “real” virtual servers after that one. Http requests to the machine that fail to match any of the specified (or default) domain names fall through to the webserver’s (apache in my case) default setup.

I’m continually amazed at the amount of traffic the invalid domain gets. There are many attempts to get to processes that would be “interesting” for the requester but not for me.

If you want to do this for yourself, you may have to back up your existing first server, rebuild the os and virtualmin, create the invalid domain, then do a restore from your original first virtual domain’s backup.