Default Page


Is it possible to make a Site, which opens when someone connects through a Domain not recognized in Virtualmin or directly with the IP?


Yeah there is, check out Server configuration -> Website options: Default website for IP address?

I think you don’t understand me correctly. I want to make a Default Page, and this page would come when someone connects through a Domain which wasn’t in my Virtualmin, or someone connect directly to the IP of the Server.


Yes, I understood that, and what I said does exactly that. :slight_smile: You create a virtual server, put the contents you want for your default page there, and set the option I mentioned.

This don’t work. There is no Option to change.

The site you selected already IS the default. You need to select the one you wish to make the new default and then go to that screen.

Thank You. You’re really correct. Thank you for your perfectly Support!