Default IPv6 default address


All was working well I often run re check configuration checker makes me feel better no errors crop up now all of a sudden I run it today and get this pop up

I’ve not made any changes and only install the updates that appear I’m not sure how to fix this and don’t want to mess up a working installation.

Anyone got any ideas ?

Thank you in advance


OS type and version Ubuntu 20.04
Virtualmin version 7.1.1.

Just a question, you’re maybe using your Ubuntu Server on Contabo?

I’m running my server at home with no problems this irritating problem has popped over night, I could understand if I’d been messing but I’ve not touched it.


Then take a dive in some network documentation.

I can’t help but for others to hard to help and support while home situatons are often so diferent, maybe some with the same internet provider ( has experience with the same…), but then vmin?
And you home network devices routres, firewalls and settings…

If IPV4 is still working take care before doing things you backup thise config files first, also complete backups.

You can maby unzip / untar a earlier backup and compare some of the network config files?

While trying to sort this issues out and doing some reading I’m getting more confused I’m hoping someone here could shed some light.

The IPv6 address it’s asking for is the local IP 192.168 or my main public ip?

When I look in the dns records it shows an IPv6 address but when I use an online converter it doesn’t match anything in my system.

If I just put a random IPv6 address in the error goes away but I might as well do it right so if anyone can help me get the correct address in simple man terms I’d love you forever :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Just to add I have two servers running virtualmin and the above problem only comes about with an update.

Unless you’re really using IPv6 (I doubt you do by running your server at home), it would be better to disable IPv6 completely in - Server Configuration ⇾ Change IP Address page.

Yes that’s what I did in the end.

Thanks for the reply

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