Debian Stretch Image


Can we get a Debian Stretch KVM image in the downloads?

If not - how can I get and add it myself?


It’s coming really soon. Like tonight or tomorrow. I’ve been working on a new build system for Cloudmin images for the past couple of weeks in my Copious Free Time.

Adding new images is relatively easy, as well, though Cloudmin is more particular than I’d like about what sorts of images it’ll work easily with (which I’ve been working with Jamie on fixing slowly but surely). You can create a new image within Cloudmin itself by booting from an install CD image, or by using the Import System Image with an existing KVM image.

KVM images need the following to be true to Just Work: Network interface name needs to be eth0 (Cloudmin has a fix for this requirement in the next release), root disk needs to be named /dev/sda or /dev/hda (rather than vda…when you actually create a new VM from the image later you can choose to make it use virtio for network or disk, but the initial image can’t have virtio names for either). It probably needs to be ext3 filesystem or xfs (ext4 has problems with resizing because the filesystem creation tools use features of the filesystem that aren’t available to the resizing tools, which is awful). I haven’t figured out how to force ext4 filesystems to not use unsupported features in the creation process.

Or just wait a day or two, and one will be in the repos.

Ok I will wait a day - and thanks for your work!

I have seen the image is there already, but I can not download it:

Download Images
Downloading Debian Stretch 64-bit KVM instance with base OS version 1.1 …
… download of information file failed : HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found

Thanks for checking

When I try to download other images (tried 2-3) I get the same error.

Still getting 404 error - is there a way to download images manually?

No feedback on this?

Any news?

Please update me on the timing for the debian stretch image. Thanks!

I’m working on it. Having some trouble getting it to build in a way that works out-of-the-box with Cloudmin. I’ll hopefully have it sorted out soon (tomorrow I hope; I’m running a build now, but it seems to not be right, again).

I’m testing a new image for Debian 9.1 right now. I think it’s solid, and can probably go into the repo tonight. (I’ve been working on automated build infrastructure for VMs, so now that it’s all working, it means adding new images will be a lot easier, and we can auto-update them over time).

Last Friday I created a KVM instance with the Debian Stretch image that was downloadable then.

It worked well, and I installed Virtualmin via installer, this also worked fine.

So what are the problems that you are mentioning?

Also do you plan to include a build number and date in the list of available images, as well as publishin a changelog for images? At the moment it is not possible to see when an image has been updated or how old it is.

When will the new image be available?


Any news here?

Can you please update me?

There should be two Debian 9 images in the repos as of a few days ago. Sorry I didn’t follow up here. Are you not seeing them?


I only see one image:


It has version 1.1 and I downloaded it already 09/Jul/2017 23:18

So should there be a newer version?
And why do I only see one version?

Is there something wrong with that one? I thought “it’s missing” was the problem we were dealing with here?

And, you’re right about the other one. It looks like my deploy script isn’t working right. But, AFAIK that image is fine. The new one is just built by our new build system (which is still new enough to where I’m not super confident about its results until some more testing). The one you’ve mentioned was built by hand by Jamie. The new one will just have slightly newer packages out of the box, and need less updating after install.

Anyway, new one will be in the repo later today, but if there’s a problem with the one that’s already in there, tell me what it is! :wink:

No, the 4 systems that I built on base of the image from Sept. 1st all work fine.

Just wanted to know what has changed since then.

As I mentioned before, some changelog for images would be nice.