Debian 8 to 9 upgrade documentation


I see that Debian 9 is listed as a grade A OS on

Is there documentation on for upgrading from Debian 8 to 9? I’ve only been able to turn up older threads.

Or should I just follow the official Debian documentation on upgrading. I noticed that the docs on for upgrading from Debian 7 to 8 were drawn from



Hey Noel,

Good question. Eric was going to work on that, but I threw a spanner in the works by making it require a repository change, as well. I’ll talk to him to see if he’s got time to tackle that (or if he’s already worked on it, and just hasn’t published it yet).

The only really tricky bit is that because we don’t have a Debian 9 repo in the old repos, you have to change your repository path to include /vm/6 in the path (e.g.

Otherwise, it is pretty much just a normal upgrade. We use almost no custom packages on Debian, except for the Webmin/Virtualmin module packages. Nearly everything comes from the Debian standard repositories, so upgrading is pretty much just doing the usual thing, and then testing it thoroughly.

Great! Thanks Joe!