Debian 7.0 - anyone got Virtualmin running on that?

Hi there!
Since I want to setup some new machines and the Debian 7.0 release by looking at is going to happen any day now, it would be pointless for me to setup Debian 6.0 to then have to upgrade.
Question is: has anyone got Virtualmin to work on Debian 7.0? I know it’s not officially supported, but at least I could start playing around and test things…

I’ve just tried the and was scratching my head for a bit…i’ll have a look at the manual install instructions now.

Debian 7.0 support is still being worked on for Virtualmin. You can read more here:

Yup, we’re almost ready, but not quite there yet!


Do you have github or a similar tracker for Virtualmin, like you do with Webmin?