Debian 12 installer With Harvester Going to be testing... Some woes at first

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Hat tip to Joe thank you much sir. I did not realize this but Deb 12 installer was fixed back in July! Sheesh. Out of the loop I guess now its an even better time to update.

Been a wild one though believe it or not the 5700G didn’t work out of the box on the A520M main board. So I got the ram the NVME and everything installed no video and naturally I have a complex video network setup with switching to go to every room along with keyboard and mouse wireless. And switching via alexa speaker so I have a crap ton more to trouble shoot than the average bear. With NVR, DVR, PC, and a Server all switchable once in a while things get buggered up cause I had to disassemble switches and create my own because no one makes an alexa compatible 4k video switch and the mouse and keyboard switch is USB via keypress once and a while that’s fun to get back rolling too during power outage because technically its not made to work with wireless. So sitting there trouble shooting. Found out my Bios needs update had to rip it all apart put old processor back in so I could do a bios update. Then the old harvester image I had burned to USB with Rufus was a dud so I got stuck on grub with that one… So had to redo that image 3 times. Then I get harvester installed and none of the dang workers are wanting to work!

So I keep getting errors for the life of me I couldn’t figure out the problem. Of course its a simple problem it just didn’t dawn on me I had updated the BIOS by default SVM was disabled I thought sheesh! Hours to figure out a simple problem get out of here.

Anyways I’m getting closer to getting stuff back up and running but not quite for now I’ll leave it at that.

But just wanted to pop on and say thank you Joe for adding DEB12 support to installer script!

12.2 Don’t seem to be cutting the mustard for the script.

I have no idea what this means. What script? What errors?

Ugh thought I deleted the posting so I didn’t have double posts. Could you just delete this post all together I mentioned this already in another thread but thanks for taking on Debian 12 even if it isn’t working for me gave me a reason to get out and upgrade from buster rather than patching.

To be frank the issue is error 100 with citing there is no release file for this version. That is the error.

but yeah this one can be deleted. I thanked before I tried was a bit excited to see this not that it isn’t still well deserved. I probably just hit a dumb simple snag where I am not thinking straight.

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