Debian 11 Bullseyes [suggestion]

Hi guys,

With Debian 11 Bullseyes in RC1, and from what I read it’s rock solid they prolly just waiting for July to pass 2 years from Debian 10 release, do you plan to start working now slowly on support for new Debian version ?
Being RC nothing major will change expect some small bug fixing.

I’m not trying to be rude just a suggestion, thank you for all your hard working giving us plebs a free products we love :).




Thanks for the suggestion. We will take a look.

I’d rather wait on the stable release. It won’t kill anybody to wait a week or two for Virtualmin to be installable, and it saves us time if there are any changes.

Thank you guys for reply !

Debian 11 RC is at the hard freeze.

Debian 10 official Virtualmin support was about five to six months after release of the final, I know you guys have real life jobs, why rush it when final hits (and have similiar situation with D10) when you can start doing plans now, atleast in my amateur opinion.

Anywho I trust you guys will do what’s best.

Again thank you very much for splendid job you guys doing, thank you !

There’s a reason you never, ever buy a new car in it’s first generation: they don’t have the real world testing to get all the bugs out of it.

Everybody I see run out and get the latest releases of anything always wind up with problems galore.

I most of the cases I would agree with you but we are talking about Debian here, even Google internal team is using Debian Testing.

I’m sure team will do what they think it’s the best.

I agree that there is no reason to rush things. It will all work out in time, I’m sure.

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