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just upgraded server to debian 10 and for the first time in 17 years webmin and virtualmin has failed me and i have had to remember how to add domain names manually to the server. my question is are we a week 2 weeks away from a fix or do i have to either install debian 9 again (ballache) or install ispconfig3 (another ballache) or will service be resumed in a timely manner saving me from reinstalling an old OS.

as i said this is the first time in many many years i have even had to post a question in the forums so just a small hint of when it will be fixed would be quite handy or i will have to look into some other option which will take me away from webmin/virtualmin for probably the next year or 2

There are some golden rules among system administrators. One says not installing or upgrading a system without intense testing. Virtualmin/Webmin are both not ready for Debian 10. The developers replied in Forums already they are still working on it. Debian 9 is the best way to go for a while. Even they will release a “stable” version it will take a couple months to solve the “visible” issues some guys will report. It is not time for complains in your case.

By the way except cPanel which is not free, Virtualmin has no competitor. Trust me, I installed and configured for years ISPConfig 3 because the customers asked. Virtualmin is more powerful but not for everyone. Install Debian 9 and forget a while about Debian 10. By the way in Debian 10 there are many changes comparing with Debian 9. An important one is nftables, the replacement for iptables. Not all sysadmin’s are ready for accept it. There were SystemD, FirewallD, now nftables.

@kenjay Hi!

I agree with addison74, debain 9 is still normally supported and it will be for quiet while… here is link from official debian site to amd64 netinstall cd iso:


Sorry for the delay guys, we are working on Debian 10 support though, and hope to release it soon!


VM on buster is the pits… so much is broken. I am glad the only system it’s on is a non-critical one.

@sgrayban are you talking about vm? I was in thought we are talking in bare metal… anyway what vm you are using? virtualshitbox? or quemu - well if you would like to speak…

there are many changes comparing with Debian 9. An important one is nftables, the replacement for iptables. Not all sysadmin's are ready for accept it.
Iptables is still available with Debian 10 and it looks like Virtualmin will continue using it, but I'd be very happy for a Virtualmin version that worked with nftables. I've never really got to learn iptables, but I have recently been playing with nftables on an experimental server and really like it. The syntax is better, and the performance should be better too.

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Hi, well I do love iptables, I guess its personal preferences, for me ipts does simplest job even to integrate configs for fail2ban… I do not know perhaps I am old folk in innovative times but why fixing something which is working? … uhm…