Debian 10 support in Virtualmin

Howdy all,

I’ve been off the grid for a little while dealing with some personal stuff, and didn’t really notice that I never announced Debian 10 support (and I see lots of folks have been yelling at me about it). It’s been done for months in our github, but that isn’t helpful if I forget to actually make it available here and announce it.

So, it’s done now. Sorry for the delay. Holidays are coming up, so I’ll have some free time to finish up CentOS 8 support, as well.

I’ve tested Debian 10 support in a limited fashion (just on a couple of VMs at cloud hosting providers), so it’s possible there are still minor issues. Let me know if you run into any problems.



Looking forward to CentOS 8 Support!

@joe, I am testing it, since I do work night shifts I will if I even found any issue - report via git or perhaps will support logs etc… this is really great news ( speaking debilianic myself ) :slight_smile: have great day off guys… oh as xmas coming - happy xmas and that happy new year there and here to myself as well! :slight_smile:

take care great guys!

@joe - what happen with new forums testing? it went dead or ??? please speak :slight_smile:

The same personal stuff that pulled me away from Debian 10 (and CentOS 8) pulled me away from finishing up the forum migration. But, I’m pretty sure I’d solved nearly all of the problems with the migration when I got pulled away. I had to come up with a database cleaning script, because our forums have been migrated through four different forums over the years…OpenACS on PostgreSQL, then Joomla with some bridged forum I can’t remember, then Drupal 6 and now Drupal 7.

So, there are duplicate IDs, some formatting quirks in the old pre-Drupal posts, etc. I may or may not still need to solve unpublished posts carrying that status over (we mostly unpublish spam, rather than delete it, so it can be used for spam filter training…but, I don’t think that state is always following across to Discourse, and I need to figure out why, or if I’m just seeing spam that slipped through over the years and is actually still active here). I definitely don’t want to revive hundreds, or thousands, of old spam posts during the migration! But, it shouldn’t take more than a weekend (or a couple of days of the Christmas holiday) to sort it out and get it done. I’m excited about it, as Discourse is remarkably better than any forum we’ve ever had, and better maintained, as well. Also, I’d much rather work in Ruby+RoR than PHP+Drupal, when it comes to adding customizations to suit our needs.

Anyway, I need to shut down our old hardware and get everything moved into cloud hosting, ASAP, since the hardware is getting long in the teeth and makes me worry about reliability going forward. A couple of our servers are eight or nine years old (though they’ve gotten new disks in that time) while the most recent is at least 5 years old. So, it’s high on my todo list, I’ve just got a lot going on.