Debian 10 does not create Swap and Ubuntu 20.04.1 create Swap

Why is that my Debian 10 install does not create Swap? but my Ubuntu 20.04.1 create Swap when installed.

I tried to delete “remove” Swap from Ubuntu however, i still see my Swap on Virtual Control Panel

Is it safe to delete my swap file from ubuntu?

ISP advised:
“Do NOT delete swap, this will cause issues with your running services. We do not know why you would even try that. The swap is created during boot as per fstab configuration.”

Any advice please

Hi, debian defo create swap in auto install, if you did manual install you perhaps forgot to create one, you can always create swap file and mount it and use it as swap just like a partition

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Hi and thank you @unborn
So is it advisable to delete swap file? as per my ISP they don’t recommend me to do that.

BTW i found out why, even after i delete my swap on ubuntu it is still showing on my CP. it was the issue with theme. all i did was go to theme settings “config” Clear Cache and refresh. no more Swap section.

Why do you even want to remove the swap? I wouldn’t recommend to do that.
Also, Debian does create it (like @unborn said). I can confirm that.

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@anthonyinit2012 keep swap, if you have more then 8gigs of ram or more on your server, keep swap at least 4gigs. Always have swap partition or swap file. I wouldn’t recommend to remove swap.

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Ok understood :slight_smile: I believe there is something wrong with the way how Debian install on my system. it is a pre-config installation from ISP control panel and i should inform them about this issue so let them look into this matter.

Thank you all for your advice

There’s nothing necessarily wrong. Some templates have a swap partit6, others don’t. Just create your own swap file, there’s a nice how-to on digitialocean if I remember correctly.

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