Debian 10 apache permission and wordpress

Hi all working to move away from CentOS, trying Debian 10 and struggling.
Our system is a fresh install of Debian 10 (minimal install) then install virtualmin via the the script, all went well.
Install wordpress on a test domain using the Virtual script installer, it went fine. Login into wordpress and i have a permissions issue.
First WP cant update itself, it wants FTP credentials (never saw that in centos). I did find a snippet to add the the wp-config which sort of helped. Now it is complaining it doesnt have permission to write to folder wpcontent/plugins/plugin-X or any other folder for that matter.
I found a wordpress tutorial on permissions setting folders to 775 recursively and files to 644 recursively. still have issues. I have read debian apache permissions can be tricky but not much help in getting it fixed.
I have deleted and recreated the website twice with the same issue.
its almost as if there is a template with permission setting that i am missing.

Maybe go to Rocky? Debian is a different beast, I never lasted using it :slight_smile:

Honestly i would LOVE TO BUT I really want to stay in the A-Class supported OS. I installed ALMA linux as that sounded promising and the alma logo is on the front of the virtualmin website BUT the install script “bugged out” with errors…

My understanding is Rocky will be A with the version 7. Maybe I’m wrong. Centos, Rocky Alma pretty mach the same, but Rocky works with the Beta script, not like Alma.

P.S. virtualmin-install/ at master · virtualmin/virtualmin-install · GitHub

Currently supported systems:

supported=" ${CYANBG}${BLACK}${BOLD}Red Hat Enterprise Linux derivatives${NORMAL}${CYAN}
- Alma and Rocky 8 and 9 on x86_64
- CentOS and RHEL 7 on x86_64${NORMAL}

probably user permissions… are all these files owned by virtualmin/apache user?

chown -R $user /home/$user/public_html/

also prefer php-fpm , seen permissions errors with apache+cgi but haven’t debugged those yet.

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