Debain v's Ubuntu install issues

HI all, i have been using virtual min now for some years and have had some really good success with it. One installed I have rarely had to do much with it other than creating new sites.
Until recently I have had to perform some maintenance which lead me to find it easier to install from fresh and restore all my sites from a backup. Easy you would think…
For one reason or another i felt that installing a base install of Ubuntu was a better route as prior used debian, EASY!.. er no…
Twice i installed Ubuntu and then used the script to install virtualmin and then restored my backups. Both times i hit the same problems where navigating to my sites lead me to only get the Unbuntu default webpage. I checked DNS and web setting both times and could not make this work for me.
I have just installed debian and then used the script to install virtualmin, restored my sites yet again and BOOM! all working fine ! what gives ?
I have done nothing different, nothing special in setting or network config and all works fine.
I don’t want to dwell on this as i have it all working fine again without the debian install, just want to highlight some basic install issues that maybe need addressing when installing and configuring.

Thanks to the team for this product.


Hi, I think its not issue with virtualmin. ubuntu is not debian - its only based on debian but its not the same thing. Ubuntu works differently. I use debian on servers for many years now and had no issues. Of course there are some other perfect distros too like centos or other. Maybe its good time for you to try other distros for your server or if you are happy with robust and very stable debian, stay with it. As you said, on debian boom - and its all working… :slight_smile:


Because different distributions setup certain things differently at the OS level, it’s possible that a significant change in the way Ubuntu and Debian treat things was causing your problem. Should you have a problem like this in the future, I’d happy to assist in diagnosing the problem, and aiding in getting things working for you, and/or using the diagnosis to create an appropriate bug report should one be discovered.

That said, it’s best to backup and restore to the same distribution to prevent any weirdness. It’s also important that you are using the same version of Virtualmin between origin and destination server as sometimes a significant change in the way Virtualmin handles things can cause an incompatibility between versions.

@unborn, great points all around. Cheers!

If you require any further assistance, feel free to post here or drop me an email.

Best Regards, Peter Knowles TPN Solutions