Database management in virtualmin

Some suggestions to increase usability:

  • Add "refresh" links to all DB result screens.
  • Add First and last page arrows instead of just prev/next
  • On execute SQL, provide an "Edit" link, which will prepopulate the textarea with the SQL.
  • Provide an easy "Explain SQL" link there as well.
  • "Select previous SQL command"; default should be last executed.
  • Add the "execute SQL" link everywhere. I now first have to click on "Return to table list" before I can click on that link…
  • "There are too many tables to display"… Stupid limitation. Either remove it or let me decide if I want it that way or not.
  • Make the "add new table" screen more like phpmyadmin. Allow me to choose indexes as well as PK.
  • DB management index: Add links to immediately view the DB rows.
  • You show indexes on the DB management start screen. Why? Should only show the tables.
  • You don’t show the indexes when I click on a table…
  • On table edit screen, you provide "delete selected fields" but not "edit selected fields".
  • Allow me to specify where the new column should be placed (after column 2 or whatever)
  • Add column (field) should be more like the create table page.
  • You provide "export as CSV" on a single table, but not "export as SQL" (which should just be a shortcut to the normal export to sql but with only 1 table selected)
  • Less "return to links". More links that are repeated on all pages where necessary.
  • Backup DB, allow to immediately download to computer instead of save to file.
  • Backup DB, i don’t think backup schedule should be open by default.
  • More export options. SQL/CSV
  • Execute sql should be able to handle more than 1 sql statement at the same time.
  • No edit table page? To edit table name, storage engine, etc.
  • Add an insert row function.
  • Add dropdown on all pages with all tables for fast switching.

One more thing, don’t put update/create/delete/alter sql statements in the sql command history (on execute sql). If I don’t enter anything in the textarea and accidentally submit the form, I could loose data if the previous sql was a delete or what not. Only SELECTs should be saved.

Oh oh, another one. Even better would be if the two frames could somehow communicate. If I click on edit database in the left frame, then choose the db to manage, it would be nice if the tables would now show up under "edit db" in the left screen to allow for easy switching between tables. Not sure how doable that is…