Database issue..unable to remove entry

ubuntu 20.04 LTS. I had a client account hit quota and it caused some relaly weird sql issues. I ma now trying to gt the account cleared out of mysql. All of the files are deleted but somwewhere inside of mysql it thinks the db is around. here’s the error i am getting now trying to clean out the database:

Failed to drop databases : SQL select count(*) from wp_commentmeta failed : Tablespace is missing for table rotzbrickandblock.wp_commentmeta.

I’ve been looking around on the machine and i cannot find any remaining files so it appears to be stuck somewhere inside of mysql itself. any ideas?

i had to log into the mysql root shell and use the command drop database if exists name of db; and mysql FINALLY has forgotten the db…:slight_smile:

here’s my postmortem on things. NOt blaming virt i think the system barfed in a weird way once the disk quota go overloaded. hopefully this helps someone else if they ever hit something weird like this:

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