Database Help

Today i was doing some maintence on my site and deleted a subserver. This sub server had a database which was also deleted during the subserver deletion.

Is it possible to get this database back or is there any auto backups?


Virtualmin does offer backups, but they don’t occur automatically, you’d need to manually configure them (in Backup and Restore -> Scheduled Backups).

The bad news, then, is that there’s not likely anything you can do to retrieve your database. Sorry!

Moving forward – I might suggest always verifying that any server containing data you don’t wish to lose has backups of said data :slight_smile:

With Virtualmin, you can use the Scheduled Backups to make daily backups. You could setup something to run once a week that’s a full backup, and the remaining 6 days could be an incremental backup (which takes up much less space).


ok thank you for your reply. I new the database didnt keep backups automaticly but wasent sure if virtualmin did. Shame i didnt setup the backup process a couple of weeks ago when i was ment to :(. Well looks like im restarting my site lol.