Dashboard defaults to alpha domain

OS type and version Ubuntu Linux 22.04.3
Webmin version 2.101
Usermin version 2.001
Virtualmin version 7.8.2
Theme version 21.04
Package updates All installed packages are up to date

This may be just me not knowing the correct setting but has anyone noticed that when you select “Dashboard” it always jumps from the domain being viewed (eg. Server Settings) to the first domain name in alpha order?

for example 2 VS on system “alpha.tld” and “beta.tld” while “beta.tld” is selected and I am checking say SSL for it on that page, then wish to go and display the dashboard (press alt-V) the current VS view gets changed to “alpha.tld”.

This means that if I continue to go to change another setting of “beta.tld” I have to first reselect it or end up changing the settings of “alpha.tld”. Why is the dashboard even tied to a particular VS and why the first VS in the list of domains?
The Dashboard has no specific information about a VS it is a system summary.

NB Edited to remove the line that seems to be confusing everone and has been a separate post.

Yeah. I wish the selected server would stay selected until changed. It has caused me some grief in the past.

Tx. Thought I was going mad and I was the only one. :exploding_head:

No, several of us are going mad. :wink:

The palette icon at the very bottom of the left hand menu column - Theme Configuration, Default tab after logging in to Webmin, set it to Virtualmin.

Sorry but it is already set to that.
I think you are confused here with what is the problem.
Or perhaps I’m not being clear enough.

In the main menu under Virtualmin you get a list of VS
If you select a VS with the name eg beta.tld you can change that VS settings.
If you then go back to the Dashboard you are reset to alpha.tld (or whatever is the top of the list alphabetically)
So, if you go to edit or even just view any other page you end up editing/viewing alpha.tld

It means that you have to remember to change/reselect the VS every time you change a setting and visit the dashboard. A nuisance especially when you have the default page set to dashboard.

This doesn’t happen if you have the default set to list virtual servers.

To see the dashboard you should use Alt+I, and Alt+V is used to open Virtualmin tab.

That doesn’t set the dashboard as default. Setting that just determines the tab that’s selected when logging in (which is also normally Virtualmin on a Virtualmin system).

The Dashboard should now be the default on any install since Virtualmin 7 (inexplicably, Authentic defaulted to the virtual servers list for years before I noticed, and Ilia assumed that was the default because it wasn’t being set upstream, but rather at Virtualmin install time).

To set the default page to the Dashboard, set Default page for Virtualmin and Default page for Webmin to Dashboard.

I don’t think we are all on the same page here. If I open Virtualmin, the default choice is always the lowest alpha-numeric web site. If I choose another, it shouldn’t change for any reason, unless I change it.

If I’m working on a site and go the the Webmin section, when I come back the software reverts back to the lowest alpha-numeric web site. It doesn’t retain the one I’ve chosen. I think there are even a few choices within Virtualmin that will change it. You constantly have to make sure the software hasn’t changed your choice. Often times this means scrolling up just to make sure.

If you have a long list of sites this can be even more annoying.

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I think this post is being confused with my other post.
I did start this one and rather stupidly dropped the reference to the other issue but then decided that it really did need a separate post.

If I place my mouse over the main Virtualmin tab the tooltip says “Virtualmin (Alt + V)” which it does and opens with the Dashboard page as I have it set in the theme settings. but this has nothing to do with the problem in this post.

That could be an improvement.

That WOULD be an improvement It just makes no sense as it stands.

I am assuming that it is a very straightforward code change of course.

Oh, yeah!? What makes you think that … ?

Perhaps @Stegan doesn’t code . I can see that as a bit of work

I don’t know how hard or easy it’s gonna be.

Well I do code (over 50 years in all sorts of languages from machine code to C++ and beyond - (but not perl) → but never too old to learn :wink: ) I do appreciate it may well take quite a bit of effort and could be deemed not urgent - even not important. on the other hand it could be very simple. The "selected/current VS doesn’t change by selecting other menu items - so somewhere there must already be a check holding it to the current VS so why is there a change from the current VS only when the dashboard page is selected? - the only page where the VS selected does not matter.

It was implemented on the latest commit to Authentic Theme, which will be shipped with the next Webmin 2.103 release.

On the other hand it could be very simple.

It may sound simple but theme is extremely complex. For instance implementing this feature to work correctly on page full reload, after login and returning back to the Virtualmin tab was very time consuming. Besides, the last used virtual server could be simply deleted and we needed to handle it too.

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It’s always easier for the person not doing the work. Seriously, for someone that understands a bit of code like me it’s just ‘set a flag’. :smiley:

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