Dashboard config: Leave Stats History collapsed

When I log in to Webmin/Virtualmin, the Dashboard appears with Stats History expanded. How do I stop that? The Dashboard used to open with everything collapsed but that changed. Theme is “Current Theme”.

Tried: Webmin > Webmin Configuration > Webmin Themes > Dashboard options and changed “Show charts” to"No" to no effect.

Local Ubuntu server 183.04.3 LTS Bionic, installed on local server.
Webmin 19.4.1, basic, not Pro.
Virutalmin 6.08
Authentic theme version 19.45
All installed packages are up to date.

I’ve moved this to Authentic theme topic as @Ilia would know best what’s going on there. It should be possible to simplify the dashboard, and default sections to collapsed, but maybe something got broken.

This is for hiding Pie Charts.

When I log in to Webmin/Virtualmin, the Dashboard appears with Stats History expanded.

Theme remembers what accordions (panels), as a user, you have chosen to keep opened/closed. It’s only reset upon full page reload (or initial login), but if you come back to Dashboard by clicking a link in navigation menu - the panels will remember the previous state.

I don’t know, if it’s a good idea to have it remembered upon full page reload/login or not? Moreover, theme has to consider, if the panels should be opened/closed automatically, as requested by the server, and override previously selected user state, if differs.

Stats History is always opened by default as of now. You can completely disable Stats History under Real-time monitoring options accordion on Webmin Themes page.

I am not sure, if there should be an extra option for keeping Stats History always collapsed, considering what I explained above.

Okay, I have added new option, called Save accordions state used last time and it will be possible, to simply always get back to the previous state of accordions (used last time), even after page reload/login, in upcoming theme 19.46.


Thank you very much. I hope that I am not the only one that appreciates this change. :slight_smile:

On my monitor, 2560x1440, the expansion of Stats History obscures the other options so that, on opening, I have to scroll down or collapse Stats History to see them. Maybe in the longer term I will want Stats History expanded, but I certainly don’t now.

I am looking at Webmin/Virtualmin several times a week, so the removal of this small annoyance will be appreciated. Thank you again.