Customize login - pre login page


I want to customize login page in Virtualmin and Usermin but I have problem. I try to set pre login page (Webmin Configuration->Authentication->Show pre-login file), but this page show first time well, everything is fine… But after refresh , there is default login page again. And then after next refresh there is my own page again … and so continue … I don’t understand, why it is alternating default and new login page.

Could someone to help me?

I don’t know, but per haps your browser is deleting the cookie on refresh? If you post the url I can try in different browsers to see if I have the same effect.

Which page are you re-loading? Normally you should see the pre-login page, then reload to open the login form, then login…

I want to see only my new login page. Default login page looks horrible.
You can see it at:

Using IE 8 at the office, it does exactly the same. On every refresh it shows your login page (nice) or the VM page. Thats really odd. Ill try later with other browsers.

However going there the first time does show your login page. Im not sure if people will refresh instead of just logging in.

On the other hand, isn’t it suppose to do this? Can you login at your page anyway?

Yes, when I first time open my login page all is fine , when I input right login and password, it normally log me in, but If I input wrong password, it show default login page and it is wrong … I want there my new login page every time.

you might consider copying the virtualmin template, rename the folder and change the layout of the login page. then use that template. You have to keep in mind the updates though