custom zone record in virtualmin

hi all -

i needed to set up a “custom zone record” in virtualmin/webmin.

my first step was to go in and put an asterisk in the “A” section… but to my astonishment, that was not quite enough.

then i remembered i was supposed to go into the httpd.conf and add something similar there, something like this:

ServerAlias * ## manually added by mark 2013-01-14

and then issue an

apachectl restart ;


but somehow manually editing the httpd.conf seems like a very un-webmin thing to do, but i was desperate.

was there another way this was supposed to be done?


It looks like you’re trying to setup a wildcard sub-domain there.

You could do that by going into Server Configuration -> Website Options, and set “Website matches all sub-domains” to “Yes”.

I think that will also add the DNS record too, so you shouldn’t need to add that.