Custom Script Options

I would like to see an option for customizing a installation of built in scripts. For an example, have wordpress installed with specific plugins or options for customizing a phpMyAdmin installation.

Never going to happen. Wordpress controls its installer. It only packages what it sees fit to package. The only two plugins that come with Wordpress are Askimet Anti-Spam and Hello Dolly. It’s been that way for years and I don’t see that changing anytime in the future.

I can understand that but you can drop in the plugins post installation and doesn’t have to be “enabled” in Wordpress just available to enable when you go to the Plugins screen.

WP-CLI allows you to install and enable modules. I recommend it. I’m not sure, off-hand, if we have hooks in Virtualmin where you can call a post-install script after installing a script, but I bet there is (maybe Virtualmin Configuration->Actions upon user and server creation->Command to run after making changes to a server), which could be used to install WP-CLI and run whatever other bits you need to do with it.

So, I don’t think we’ll try to do anything more with the WordPress install, but I would like to see some wp CLI features in Virtualmin, which would probably make any of that sort of thing pretty easy to add.

It’s too late for me to try to spelunk out how to actually implement a script to do this right now, but maybe @Jamie can tell us if installing a script with the Install Scripts feature triggers the “pre” and “post” action scripts and how to to detect that it’s a script install and what script is being installed.


I had forgot about WP-CLI. I will work with that and see what I can get.

Yes, the post-change script is run, with the VIRTUALSERVER_ACTION variable set to SCRIPT_DOMAIN


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