Custom Packages for users to choose to install

Not sure if this has been explained elsewhere, I looked through the website and the forum and couldn’t find anything.

I was thinking maybe the Pro version has it, not sure.

I think it would be great if users could log into their virtual server and then choose from a list of custom packages to install.

For example you could choose to provide Joomla and Mambo as an option. Then all they do is press it and a script or something automatically sets it up on their virtual server for them.

Course then you could create other custom packages for other Open source packages for other features to add to their site.

Once again, sorry if this has already been discussed.<br><br>Post edited by: Topher, at: 2009/05/07 19:01


An excellent idea! That’s actually what the “Install Scripts” in the Pro version offers. There’s some 80+ web applications that a user can install simply by clicking on the name of the app.

That, and other options in the Pro version, are mentioned here:

And if you’d like to play around on a demo system, you can check out this link:

Have a good one!

And the current list of supported apps:

Name Versions
Advanced Guestbook 2.4.3
Advanced Poll 2.0.2
AROUNDMe 0.6.9
b2evolution 1.9.2-2007-01-22
Bugzilla 3.2.2
cgiemail 1.6
Chora h3-2.1
CivicSpace 0.8.5
CMS Made Simple 1.5.3
Coppermine 1.4.21
DaDaBIK 4.2
Django 1.0.2
DokuWiki 2009-02-14
dotProject 2.1.2
Drupal 6.10 5.16 4.7.11
eTicket 1.7.3
FAQMasterFlex 1.0
FormMail 1.9
Forwards h3-3.1
Gallery 2.3 1.5.10
Gollem h3-1.1
Help Center Live 2.1.7
Horde 3.3.3
Horde Webmail 1.2.2 Guestbook 5.4
IMP h3-4.3.3
Ingo h3-1.2.1
Instiki 0.16.5
IntegraMOD 1.4.1
Joomla 1.5.10 1.0.15
Kronolith h3-2.3
LimeSurvey 1.72_build5737_20081007 1.80pl
Mambo 4.6.5
Mantis 1.1.6
MediaWiki 1.14.0
Mephisto 0.7.3
MIMP h3-1.1.1
Mnemo h3-2.2.1
MoinMoin 1.8.2
Moodle 1.9.4 1.7.7
Movable Type 4.25
Nag h3-2.3.1
NMS::FormMail 3.14c1
Nucleus 3.41
OpenGoo 1.3.1
OpenX 2.6.4
osCommerce 2.2rc2a
osTicket 1.6.rc4
Passwd h3-3.1
phpBB 3.0.4 2.0.23
PHP-Calendar 1.0
PHPCoin v1.5.1
phpLedMailer 1.8
PHPList 2.10.9 2.11.3
phpMyFAQ 2.0.12
PHP-Nuke 8.0 6.0 5.0
phpPgAdmin 4.2.2
PHProjekt 5.2
phpScheduleIt 1.2.11
PHP Support Tickets 2.2 2.0
phpWebSite 1.6.1
Php-Wiki 1.3.14 1.2.11
Piwik 0.2.32
Plans 7.10
poMMo aardvarkPR16.1
PostNuke 0.764
Radiant CMS 0.7.1
RoundCube 0.2-stable
Ruby on Rails 2.3.2
Simple Machines Forum 1.1.8
SquirrelMail 1.4.17
SugarCRM 5.2.0c
Textpattern 4.0.8
TikiWiki 2.3
Trac 0.11.4rc2
Turba h3-2.3.1
TWiki 4.2.4
Typo3 CMS 4.2.6
Typo 5.3
Vacation h3-3.1
Vtiger CRM 5.0.4
WebCalendar 1.2.0
WordPress 2.7.1
WordPress MU 2.7
ZenCart 1.3.8
Zenphoto 1.2.3
Zikula 1.1.1
Z-push 1.2.1

Hopefully the forum won’t destroy the output of that.

Thanks for the speedy response on that.

And I do believe that gives me good enough reason to upgrade to Pro. You guys will probably be seeing more of me around the forums.