Custom install script doesn't show up in list


I created a custom install script based on the script for Joomla!. In the latest version of VM the script doesn’t show up in the list of scripts that can be installed. It was available in older versions of VM. I already posted a bug 2 days ago, but didn’t get any response yet. Does anyone here have an idea what to check?



Hopefully someone will chime in on the forums here. If you don’t hear anything though, Jamie monitors the bug tracker, you might just need to pop an update into your request there.

Thanks for your reply. Jamie solved the problem. It seems as if I had some syntax errors in the script.

But I found some further problems.

I had to create several demo-installations with the script. It’ s basically the Joomla! script, but with different installer file and description, the rest remained almost original.

  1. Joomla! requires that the "installer"-directory is removed/renamed after the installation
    This happens only for the first domain in the batch run. I found a way to fix this.

  2. In addition, the user and password for the first domain is used for all Joomla installations in the batch run. Not too usefull. Hopefully I find a solution for that. I don’t want to change the data in 150 DBs


I verified the behavior with the original Joomla! script. It shows the same misbehavior. Also, only the first domain created in the batch run shows Joomla! as installed.