Custom image or logo in the usermin login form?

Is there any way to have a custom image on the usermin login page? I can see where you can do it with virtualmin, but can’t find any reference on how to do it with usermin pages.


Okay, it turns out the (not-so-user-userfriendly-but-it-works) way of doing that is to create a file named:


And in it, add a line like the following:

session_prefix=<img src=>

And that should do the trick!

That option may be added to the GUI at some point here :wink:

That was it. Thanks!

… how can we make it more… organic? IE8 is always complaining that the picture comes from another site, another cert, unauthenticated content and stuff. I know it’s not a problem but my users don’t.


Sry - double post.