custom fields usable in httpd.conf as replacable params

I’m using jRun unfortunately and need to pass in some parameters like proxy ports it’s using etc.

I was hoping Custom Fields could handle that for me but it appears to be just saved field data per domain.

Is there a way to take input on creating new domains and setting them in configuartions like ${DOM} ${HOME} etc.?

I want to create a custom field like ${PROXYPORT} and add this to my httpd.conf, which i tried and (wishful thinking) it didn’t support it.

Hey George,

You’re not alone in wanting this kind of capability. And you’re not alone in thinking, at first glance, that custom fields would do it. Custom Fields were implemented for a specific purpose quite a while back, which didn’t require the fields to become variables. That’s probably not the way it should have gone, but I don’t know that it’s safe to change the semantics now…there ought to be a way to do what you want, however. It would make Server Templates vastly more powerful and flexible.

I’ll file a wish in the bug-tracker and we’ll see if Jamie can see an easy/safe way to make this possible. I think it would be a very useful trick.

And here’s the wish in the tracker, so you can keep an eye on it:

This is already possible using custom fields. In a template, they can be referenced as FIELD_XXX where XXX is the custom field name, and in pre/post scripts they can be found in the VIRTUALSERVER_FIELD_XXX environment variables…

What about boolean fields?

I’d like to be able to create a section in my vhost conf that can be included or excluded based on the value of a custom field (for rudimentary coldfusion support)

This would require some sort of if-field/elseif-field/else syntax, like the ones included for the built in variables.

I’ve been hoping for something like this for a while now :slight_smile: