Custom authenticated image or logo in the usermin/webmin login form?

Hello, posted some question here

The /etc/usermin/custom-lang method works but how can we make it more… organic? IE8 is always complaining (via annoying pop-ups, Firefox is silent in that matter) that the picture comes from another site, another cert, unauthenticated content and stuff. Can we grab the image locally somehow, not via URL?

I know it’s not a problem but my users don’t. Got a lot of phone calls lately :slight_smile:


Sorry, I saw your message there and hadn’t yet gotten around to digging into what that problem may be :slight_smile:

Is the URL for your control panel “https” while your logo is just “http”? Maybe you can try putting the logo in a place where you can access it with the same domain name and both with “https”, it’s possible that could help.


Of course I tried but you know IE, makes a big deal about everything trying to “keep you safe” - but it has another url so… another cert warning.

PS: in Firefox via https…whatever… now doesn’t load at all > the broken image icon.

I noticed someting unusual in Usermin - there are 3 Romanian characters with problems in the e-mails; how can I solve this? Here they are with their coresponding mambo…joomla :slight_smile:

ă >>> & # 2 5 9 ;

î >>> = E E

ş >>> & # 3 5 1 ;

I’ve put some spaces between the chars to get them in your forum (it prints of course the diacritics)

That’d probably be a bug. Though character encodings are tricky…mail can have different encodings, and users can set their preferred encoding in Usermin.

But you might file a ticket and see what Jamie says on the subject. He understands this stuff way better than I do.

One solution would be to do the following :

  1. Under your Webmin base directory (typically /usr/libexec/webmin or /usr/share/webmin), create the sub-directories mylogos and mylogos/unauthenticated

  2. Put your images into mylogos/unauthenticated

  3. In your custom-lang file, use HTML like <img src=/mylogos/unauthenticated/logo.png>

It doesn’t work either, I still get the broken image icon in any browser. The path is this one: /usr/libexec/webmin/mylogos/unauthenticated/logo.jpg , in /etc/webmin/custom-lang I have
session_prefix=, the path is correct in the browser: https://something:XXXX/mylogos/unauthenticated/logo.jpg …

So what is wrong? Man it can’t be that hard to add an image to an web interface :slight_smile: Hope it’s only a typo.

What happens if you just open that image directly in your browser - what error is displayed?

No errors, just keeps presenting the login form. With the broken icon on top.

Sorry, I made a mistake … you really want to put your logo in the existing /usr/libexec/webmin/unauthenticated directory, and then refer to it with HTML like <img src=/unauthenticated/mylogo.png>

It works. In Usermin too, by adding the dir. to /usr/libexec/usermin/ With 0 warnings in any browser. Thanks!

It’s a small thing but it changes and personalizes our page. And we have great logos, worth showing them around :slight_smile: