cURL error in wordpress


I have Virtualmin installed in my personal computer (Is installed on a Proxmox Virtual Machine), hosting some webpages. All seems that works as expected, except in a wordpress installation. The page loads well and fast. The site is the following.

But in the admin zone of wordpress, in “site health” I can see the following errors:

Error: cURL error 35: error:1408F10B:SSL routines:ssl3_get_record:wrong version number (http_request_failed)

Your site was unable to make a loopback request.

The scheduled event, wp_privacy_delete_old_export_files, could not be executed

Background updates may not be working properly

Unable to confirm wp_version_check () filter is available

I think that all this problems are related to the first one (the cURL error), but I have cURL installed.

root@flopy:/home/pi# php -i | grep -i curl
cURL support => enabled
cURL Information => 7.68.0
curl.cainfo => no value => no value

And it seems that it is working.

But Wordpress says that it cant make a loopback solicitude, and can’t execute cron scheduled works (Jetpack_sync_cron).

I Think that I have all the software updated.

Operating system Ubuntu Linux 20.04.1
Perl version 5.030000
Path to Perl /usr/bin/perl
BIND version 9.16
Postfix version 3.4.13
Mail injection command /usr/lib/sendmail -t
Apache version 2.4.41
PHP versions 7.4.3
Webalizer version 2.23-08
Logrotate version 3.14.0
MySQL version 8.0.21-0ubuntu0.20.04.4
ProFTPD version 1.36
SpamAssassin version 3.4.4
ClamAV version 0.102.4

¿Any solution or workaround?

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Do you have the php-curl package installed?

We have the same problem. I’ve searched for it but didn’t find a solution.

I’d be very happy if we could get an exact answer here.

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