csf firewall installation (or best firewall to use)

hello all - i am trying to install csf firewall into webmin, and i get the following message

“Failed to install module from /root/csf/csf.tgz : Module csf is missing a module.info file”

i am following the instructions from http://configserver.com/free/csf/install.txt

Webmin Module Installation/Upgrade

To install or upgrade the csf webmin module:

Install csf as above
Install the csf webmin module in:
  Webmin > Webmin Configuration > Webmin Modules >
  From local file > /usr/local/csf/csfwebmin.tgz > Install Module

i am indeed able to install it successfully manually (and subsequently remove it) but i would rather install it through webmin !

or, is there a better preferred firewall to use with webmin ?

got it working by merely following the instructions more closely.

but my second question stands - is there a better firewall to use with webmin besides csf ?

I have no alternative suggestions unfortunately, but I myself am using CSF/LFD as well, and I think you made a good choice there. :slight_smile:

Otherwise it probably depends on what features you’d expect from your “firewall”. CSF is more than just that by the way, it includes - among other things - a logfile monitor with the option to block dictionary attacks. Also works against portscans, SYN floods, can download blocklists, things like that.