Cronjob email per virtual server

OS type and version Debian 11
Virtualmin version 7.7


In a different controlpanel, I had the option in the cronjobs section to set the email address where the output should go.

In Virtualmin, I see the output will go to the main user by default.

Is there a way to change this? I thought to add the MAILTO option in the crontab of each user, but the first line clearly states: # DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE - edit the master and reinstall.

Any ideas how to handle this?

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I’m pretty sure that if you create cronjobs as the domain owner user, the domain owner user will get the emails?

I mean, if you login as a domain owner, you can only create and edit cron jobs owned by the domain owner (unless you grant them full access by adding them in the “Extra Webmin Modules” list) and those cronjobs, I would assume, would send email to the creator of those jobs.

I think they want the cron job result to go to a completely separate email address, eg his personal one. Saves having to check every domain-owner each day.

From Chat-GPT :slight_smile:

If you want to send the output of a specific cron job to a different email address, you can redirect the output of the command to the mail command. Here’s an example:


* * * * * /path/to/your/command | mail -s "Cron job output"

This will send an email with the subject “Cron job output” to “” with the output of /path/to/your/command whenever the cron job runs.

Perhaps add an email-to option?

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This works
webmin->scheduled cron jobs->Create Environment Variable
choose a user from the dropdown list and you will see this

just add the email address you want to send to an make sure it’s set to ‘before all cron jobs’. I tend to use it for the root user so I can see the output of root cron jobs but it can be set for any user with any receiving email address set


I like the side discussion about AI, but thank you jimr1 for your solution. I can work with this, simple and clean solution, thanks again!

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