Cron jobs as a Virtualmin Server User

Server Template changes do not apply to already existent domains. They are for creation.

To make changes to an already created domain, you have t make it for the domain itself, not the Server Template that was used to create it.

Edit: Ilia tells me I’m wrong about this, with regard to this section of Server Templates. So, ignore me, I’m not helping here.

UPDATE: WORKS!!! coder has cron option under webmin! on virtual server

not sure how I exactly did it, but following your steps here did it!!

Thank you!!

@Ilia Thank you… learning a lot here … Webmin user is enabled, and I did the “switch to servers admin” … worked well, but I cannot find a cron option in there, though I changed the default template (which is mostly uncheckable in itself, so not many option to check in there for me)

As master admin yes, no problems to work with cron under webmin

@Joe “you have to make it for the domain itself” - how can I do that?

@RJM_Web_Design: crontab -e I assume is a CLI … is that Virtualmin too?

very much appreciate your help, understanding Virtualmin better and better, thx!

Thank you so much

I was in my curmudgeon mood when I posted that.

Yes, it’s a command; and I found it a bit odd that a coder would need a GUI to create a cron entry. But I’m getting the sense that the Virtualmin permission (or lack of same) also determines user-level access to cron in the terminal?

Whatever the case, I’m glad you solved your problem.


Hi Richard :slight_smile:no worries, I know that mood only all too well…or better my better half does.

I am not very experienced with server stuff, so am - after having decided to leave cpanel for good - all too happy that Webmin makes server administration much easier for me… I myself would have no clue about how to ie give user rights to a server by CLI… so I am stumbling my way through this - didn’t even realize from my technical abilities that your post above was “curmodgeoning” :slight_smile:
Best wishes

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