Cron job does not run

When I try to execute cron job via webmin I get an error:

/bin/sh: 1: /home/servername/public_html/core/cron.php: Permission denied

How to fix this?

When you manage cron jobs via Webmin, you have the option to specify the user under which the job should be run.

Have you specified the user? Is the user set to ‘servername’, going by the example you have used? If not, edit the cron job and specify the appropriate user.

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yes you’re right @calport and the user is “root” selected
so how all my cronjob command should look like?
still does not run

In Virtualmin, the user (username) can be identical to /home/servername so you can simply specify the user which corresponds to servername when configuring cron jobs.

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Changed the user and ran again.
Now it shows: " No output generated"

Looks good, then. :ok_hand:

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Have to wait now to see logs
Thanks @calport

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