Creation of VM's on iSCSI Server fails


I try to setup an iSCSI Server to host my VM’s on. I already had this setup as an test environment before. Now I set up another new server but now I got strange errors on creation of the VM’s.

My setup as follows:

Cloudmin Server: Centos 5.9 with Cloudmin 7.1 and Webmin 1.630
iSCSI Server: Centos 5.9 with Webmin 1.630 connected to an Raid by FC
Xen Host: Centos 5.9 with Webmin 1.630

When I start the creation of the VM I got the following Errors

------------------ start quote ---------------------------
Copying 212.61 MB image file to host system xx.xx.xx
… already in host cache
Creating virtual system with Xen …
… creation started.

Waiting for creation to complete …
… creation has completed successfully.

Creating swap file of 2 GB …
… done

Removing missing disks from fstab file …
… cleanup failed : Failed to read fstab file : Failed to mount /dev/disk/by-path/ip- on /mnt/xen-test1150 : mount: you must specify the filesystem type

Expanding filesystem to 2.44 GB …
… failed to find primary disk

Mounting new instance’s filesystem …
… failed : Failed to mount /dev/disk/by-path/ on /mnt/xen-test1150 : mount: you must specify the filesystem type

Configuring kernel for Xen instance …
… setup to boot Xen system’s kernel with PyGrub

Configuring Xen instance for VNC console access …
… added on dynamic port
-------------- end quote --------------------------

Cloudmin then finishes the creation but can’t boot the VM because it doesn’t find the boot drive. The VM then appears proper in the list of Managed Systems.

No the funny thing: When I choose to reset the new VM by image cloudmin does this correct and the VM then works as supposed to.

Does somebody know about this issue, or can give me tips where to further look at?

Thank you & regards


Hi all

I found the reason causing my issue. Cloudmin tries to unpack the installation image on the iscsi Server to create the initial LVM Volume. For this he needs the image on the iscsi server and not on the xen host. When I manually copy the installation image to /var/cloudmin-images on the iscsi server the creation works. I guess this is a bug. Will open a issue ticket.