Creating Reseller Account?


I currently use AWBS with Virtualmin. I would like to know how I can have AWBS automatically create a reseller account in virtualmin if it’s even possible. Here is what I have done so far:

In AWBS, I created the 2 reseller packages/plans. Now, here is where I am not sure what to do. Am I supposed to create a server template in virtualmin with the same name as the reseller package I created in AWBS?

Or, am I supposed to just create the reseller account in Virtualmin manually every time after the reseller order comes in through awbs?


This should be asked on the AWBS forum and not here. They control the interface not VM.

The AWBS forum will probably refer to the virtualmin forum. Or maybe its hardware problem and you need to call your PC manufacturer?

Sorry, I am in the same situation and a little frustrated.

But I must admit that the admins for the VMpro forum are more than helpful.

I don’t actually know anything about AWBS. I do know that the API call into Virtualmin to create resellers is:

[joe@delilah virtual-server]$ sudo ./
Adds a reseller to this Virtualmin server.

usage: --name login
–pass password
[–desc description]
[–email address]
[–max-doms number]
[–max-aliasdoms number]
[–max-realdoms number]
[–max-quota number]
[–max-mailboxes number]
[–max-aliases number]
[–max-dbs number]
[–max-bw number]
[–allow feature] …
[–subdom forced.parent]
[–logo url|"none"]
[–link url]

Resellers are a very different type of account in Virtualmin, and I don’t know how AWBS handles them. Server Templates apply to virtual servers (and sub-servers), though you can select which Server Templates a reseller is allowed to create virtual servers from.

Oh, it’s also possible that AWBS manages it’s own reseller accounts. That would be another viable method of dealing with things. If I were designing a reseller system to integrate into an existing system, that’s probably the way I’d do it, since resellers in Virtualmin aren’t really connected to AWBS anymore (I guess it could poll for servers creatd by the reseller periodically in order to bill them, but I suspect they like to be in control of the buy/sell process).

I should spend some time with AWBS, and write up some more documentation. I do think we should be able to answer questions about it with a bit more authority, since it is the most complete billing solution for Virtualmin (there are a couple of others, but they aren’t usably complete yet or have a bad reputation with regard to support so we don’t talk about them).

maxsemail this IS a AWBS issue – NOT virtualmin one. If it was a virtualmin issue then you could not create a reseller inside VM and that is not the case.

Straight forward answer and people complain we are blowing them off and common sense has not kicked in it.

I wasn’t commenting on you, but the frustrating process of dealing with two dissimilar but integrated products.

Another reason for integrated billing as a Vmin module.


If you or anyone else, can recommend a seasoned Webmin/Virtualmin module programmer, I will start an escrow account and try to get a billing mod funded for Virtualmin.

If you or anyone else, can recommend a seasoned Webmin/Virtualmin module programmer, I will start an escrow account and try to get a billing mod funded for Virtualmin.

I’d be more encouraged by someone with a lot of billing software experience. The Webmin/Virtualmin integration portion is the easy part, assuming the system has the right hooks and wants to play within the Webmin toolchain (being written in Perl is a bonus, but not mandatory, believe it or not).

Anyway, if we knew them, we’d hire them. :wink:

But, as I’ve mentioned, there is a solution in the works. It won’t be tightly coupled with Webmin, but it doesn’t really need to be. In a couple of months, there will be at least one more good billing option for Virtualmin…probably more.

Fare enough.

I look forward to it.