Creating LDAP server at CentOS 8

Hi. I’m having difficulties while trying to setup the OpenLDAP server on Centos Linux 8.3. “openldap-servers” is removed from Centos repos, thats why I needed to make it from source. I followed this two guides to set things up, I was able to get slapd running and recognized by Virtualmin/Webmin but at " Setting up Webmin’s LDAP Server Module" step on virtualmin ldap docs. I was not able to choose “nis” schema because there is no check box in there. And I skipped that part then I was not able to create tree “Error: 500 - Perl execution failed – Can’t call method “all_objectclasses” on an undefined value”. After getting this error I decided to stop, and wait for help. I’ll be very glad if someone help me. Thanks.

**OS type and version:**CentOS Linux 8.3
**Webmin version:**1.973
**Virtualmin version:**6.16
**Related products version:**OpenLDAP 2.5.6

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