Creating KVM - Host System Does Not Exist


I’ve been trying to get Cloudmin working with KVM. I’m using the free GPL version as I’m only experimenting at home with a single hardware server.

Every time, I get the following error:
Failed to create system : The selected host system does not exist or is no longer available!

Host OS : Ubuntu 12.04

The relevant parts of the config are as below:

Selecting Create KVM Instance
Select the Create empty system tab.
Internet hostname : test123
System description : Test VPS
Installation CD image : A WinXP CD image

If I add test123 to /etc/hosts, I still get the same.

Additionally, if I look at the help file, I get: Failed to read help file /usr/share/webmin/server-manager/help/newkvm.html

I note that if I look at an old VPS that Cloudmin discovered, it shows Host system myhost

But when I try and create a new VPS, it doesn’t give me a selection for Host System.