Creating a user for a domain to access Read User Mail

Hi there,

Hopefully someone can help me figure this out. =)

I want to create a new Virtualmin login which can view the Webmin Read User Mail module but only show mail accounts for the domain or alias domains similar to how it currently does when you login with the domain admin account. Except I want it so it only has access to the Read User Mail module and not everything else the domain user has access to.

I’ve tried creating a new user for the domain in Virtualmin and then creating a new user in Webmin with the same name and assigning it to Unix authentication. I make sure to check Read User Mail for the webmin module. And I tried to copy the permissions settings from the domain user. It will login with the new user I added and show only the Read User Mail module but when I go to it it shows all email accounts on the server instead of only the domains email accounts.



Well after trying to figure out how to do it for what seemed like ages I’ve finally found what I was lookin for.

All I had to do was edit the Webmin user, click the Read User Mail module in the list of modules within the Available Webmin modules section and it brought up the Module Access Control screen where I configured it the way I want and now it works great!