Create webmin user

Dear Community,

I’m trying to create a Webmin user, who would have all privileges so to be able to apply packages updates (access to /mywebsite:10000/package-update). Unfortunately, I don’t find any option to do so: I’ve logged as a (supposed) Virtualmin admin, but navigating through all options didn’t provide any clue… :frowning:

Thanks in advance for any help!


Hi, to understand the issue any root account can log in and do what you are asking to do within virtualmin/webmin. Basically I do not know which distro you use it but you normally create user account with desired user name and password and then as root (yourself) you add this user to be sudoer/su or make him root (like second root in your system, you keep your root access as well). After that he should be able to maintain your server just as root, even remove your root privileges from you, so be careful who do you give those privileges. That user will be able to use his own login details but also make same changes to your server as you would. Creating new account is easy - I am terminal guy - you can google it how its done, its 1 minute job, but I believe you can use webmin interface to achieve this as well.

Let me know how you doing, if you would need any help I will look into that for you.

Hi Unborn, thanks for the quick answer!

I understand from this answer that you advise to create the new admin user from the console. Actually, I have a root SSH access but was trying to create this new user from the web interface: is it possible? If I create the new admin user from the console, how is it supposed to be recognized by Virtualmin? Are system/virtualmin account synchronized in some way? If yes, why cannot I login in Virtualmin with my SSH root account? I just don’t get the relationship between system and Virtualmin accounts…

Moreover, the user I’m logging with is supposed to be admin. However, when I click on the link provided in the “update required”, I just get a “you must be admin” message and cannot proceed to updates: what is wrong here?

Thanks a lot for your help!

@jlgarnier hi,

how do you log into your terminal as root? for example are you login into servers ssh as your-username and they type su to become root or you log into ssh right a way with root ike: ssh

I can login to virtualmin administration with full access to it as root and password for root without problem…

on my server I have normal user accounts and just one root account which means non of the normal users are part of sudoers. it all depends how did you setup your system. also what system you running server on? debian? centos or ubuntu? As I recall, the sudo command is not configured in Debian unless there is no root password given on installation of the system.


Hi Unborn,

I’m logging in the regular way: connect to the server with root/password credentials, on a Debian 9 system… By the way, I’ve found that I can “apt-get update” on the console and avoid updating through Virtualmin, which is much easier… :wink:

Thanks again for your help!

Hi jlgarnier,

Glad you got it working, also on debian as you said 9 you can run now shorter commands for updates and installs… it will also show you progress bar right in terminal… try to use next time as root user apt update or apt upgrade or why not both? like apt update && apt upgrade -y for installs you can use apt install packagename - as you see there is no longer need it apt-get to-do-argument something

hage good day :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip!