Create virtual Server without user


I have recently broken my debian (oops)… I managed to fix most of it without losing data.
I had to remove loads of packages though, one of those was webmin/virtualmin.

I reinstalled Virtualmin after i fixed the system but ofcourse there are no virtual servers anymore.

I have backups of the servers on an external drive and using those can restore the virtual servers for me,… but the restore function want’s to create a new user for the server i want to restore. That user, and it’s home folder, still exist. So the restore function will fail for me…

Is there any way i can restore the virtual server(s) using the home folders and users that are still there?




Hmm, so are your websites an email accounts still functional, they just aren’t showing up in Virtualmin?

If so, what you could do is import that information into Virtualmin using Add Servers -> Import Virtual Server.


Thank you for the answer andreychek.
Problem is solved!